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SHOW SPOTLIGHT: The 1:45 with John, Jackie and Potter

We continue our show spotlight posts with The 1:45.

The 1:45 is two hours of Indie/Alternative goodness which airs every Tuesday between 8pm and 10pm, right here on Nova Radio North East.

One third of the 1:45 team John, explains how the show came to be named;

"When we used to broadcast from other premises, the caretaker used to kick us out of the studio with 15 minutes to go each week, hence 1:45 became the name!"

Hosted by John and his co-presenters , Jackie and Potter (which just happens to be 40% of one of the North Easts finest bands 'Pit Pony') they aim to bring you the latest new music , help you find your new favourite band and throw in a few classics too.

As part of the ever expanding 1:45 franchise you can also hear John present The 1:45 Retro every Sunday between 2pm and 4pm on Nova Radio , A 120 minute dive into Indie/ Alt classics from the 60’s up to right now with a few cheeky curveballs thrown in.

Who knows. next up it may be we release some merch in the form of some 1:45 tea towels!

You can contact the 1:45 team by emailing and their Facebook page is

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