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Join us this weekend for a very special celebration - Soul On Sunday with Steve Johnson has it's 3rd Birthday!

Regular listeners of the show will be well versed in it's format of 2 hours of Soul, Motown, Disco and Northern Floor fillers - and we asked Presenter Steve Johnson about his love of Soul...

Firstly Steve - what was the first track you played on the show back in the day and will it make an appearance this week?

The first song played was McFadden and Whitehead Ain’t No Stopping Yet and you'll just have to tune in on Sunday to find out!

And secondly, a cruel question for a soul presenter, but who's your favourite labels?

That's an easy one - favourite labels have to be Motown and Philadelphia - obviously they're both iconic labels on the scene with timeless songs.

Any best moments you want to call out in the last 3 years?

Certainly a favourite is from the Covid lockdown when the show kept me busy and the feedback from listeners was extrememly positive in that they really enjoyed the diversion from the pandemic.

Lastly Steve - what's been your fave gigs?

Well that's difficult to pin down a best gig - I've seen a lot of singers and bands throughout the years but fresh in the memory is the Nile Rodgers and Chic gig from last month.

Thanks Steve - long may Soul on Sunday continue and here's to another 3 years!

You can tune in to Soul on Sunday on Nova Radio North East 102.5FM from Midday and contact Steve via the studio email -

Now let's get the salt on the floor!

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