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Stagecoach leads 2022 UK Bus Awards shortlist

  • UK’s biggest bus operator secures more than 30 shortlisted nominations

  • More shortlisted entries than any other bus operator in the country

  • Company in running for flagship top bus and express coach operator awards

  • Recognition for engineering, communities, environment, marketing, culture change

  • Stagecoach also shortlisted for coveted top national bus driver award

Stagecoach has more than 30 shortlisted nominations in the running for recognition at this year’s flagship UK Bus Awards – more than any other operator in the country. Britain’s biggest bus operator has been shortlisted in 17 award categories out of a potential 20, with a total of 34 entries which have been recognised by the judges. The company has a third of all the shortlisted nominations at this year’s awards. It includes the flagship awards for best shire operator and top express coach operation, as well as national bus driver of the year. It also has all three shortlisted entries for national depot of the year as well as being in the running for London bus garage of the year. Stagecoach regional bus companies have been recognised for achievements in driving improvements for customers and communities, environmental initiatives and marketing excellence. Several Stagecoach employees have also been shortlisted individually. Carla Stockton-Jones, UK Managing Director, said: “It’s a real credit to our people that we have more shortlisted awards than any other operator this year. These awards reflect the hard work and professionalism of our teams right across the country, and their pride in serving our customers. “From excellent leadership, operational management, safety and customer service, to driving strong partnerships, innovation and sustainability, and supporting for our communities, this recognition sums up the importance and strength of the talented and diverse teams we are building across Stagecoach.” The awards will be presented at an event in London on 15 November. The full list of shortlisted Stagecoach entries is:

  • Top Shire Operator – Stagecoach East Scotland and Stagecoach East

  • Top Express Coach Operation – Oxford Tube

  • Top National Bus Driver (The Chris Moyes Memorial Award) – Gurnam Singh, Stagecoach West

  • Top National Bus Depot – St Andrews, Stagecoach East Scotland; Portree, Stagecoach North Scotland and Barrow, Stagecoach Cumbria and North Lancashire

  • London Bus Garage of the Year – Lea Interchange, Stagecoach London and Bow, Stagecoach London

  • Supporting the Environment – Stagecoach East, Big Switch Off

  • Leader of the Year – Joel Mitchell, Stagecoach South East and Bill Daly, Stagecoach London

  • Young Manager of the Year – Zachary McAskill, Stagecoach Manchester; Michelle Doyle, Stagecoach West; Daniel Bowden, Stagecoach East Midlands and Ben Houghton, Stagecoach London. (Stagecoach has 4 out of 6 shortlisted entries).

  • Bus and the Community – Stagecoach Manchester, Forever Manchester; Stagecoach South East, the Friendship Bus and Stagecoach East Scotland, Sam’s Wellbeing on Wheels

  • Buses for Pleasure – Stagecoach Cumbria & North Lancashire for Explore the Lakes by Bus and Stagecoach East Midlands for Skegness Seasiders

  • ROSCO Award for Contribution to Safer Driving – Stagecoach London for Safety Strategy Forum and Stagecoach East and Volvo Bus for Intelligent Speed Assistance

  • Unsung Heroes – Louise Sills, Stagecoach South East; Lesley Hester, Stagecoach Manchester; James Third, Stagecoach South East and Glenn Oldman, Stagecoach London. (Stagecoach has 4 out of 7 shortlisted entries).

  • Engineer of the Year – Jamie Stockton, Stagecoach Manchester and Craig Mills, Stagecoach London

  • Culture Change – Stagecoach South East for its Service Delivery Team; Stagecoach London for Safety Strategy Forum and Stagecoach London for Let’s Talk Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

  • Marketing - Stagecoach South East, a day in the life series

  • Luke Reed-Pulley Award for Top London Bus Driver – Kellie Heard, Stagecoach London

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