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Miss Continental UK winners announced!

Miss Continental UK 2022 Grand Final on the 21st of October was a success. The show consisted of loads of good music and had a showcasing spectacular talents like dancing, singing and reading poems. Miss Continental UK 2022 was chosen to be Natalia Kotowska from Poland and Miss Teen Continental UK 2022 was chosen to be Daryna Breus originally from Ukraine who moved to London here due to the current events in Ukraine.

Miss Continental UK is quite a glamorous event for showcasing women's strengths and qualities. Provide the best platform for women to show their confidence and find better ways for a bright future. That journey is not just about outlooks, but it also involves their personalities and confidence. This occasion shows its uniqueness with the perfect blend of dancing, modelling, music, and catwalk in one place. Struggling models have the opportunity to explore various new things on the way to the grand finale under the supervision of many mentors. Every contestant gets the experience of modelling and showcasing their other abilities in an inspiring environment surrounded by many top brands and celebrities. Giving contestants a golden opportunity to show their skills and grab public attention.

Miss Continental UK was founded in 2017 by Daniela Costin and its main emphasis is on women's empowerment. It aims at giving an aesthetic and modern look to traditional beauty pageant styles. These events were organized to promote women's empowerment and help women in making themselves stronger in society and have a positive impact on our environment. After attending this event women feel more confident and enthusiastic about their life and career-making. It is a good step for improving their mental health and making them more optimistic.

This opportunity is the best option for any struggling model. Giving them a chance to be recognized by famous brands.

Miss Continental UK 2022 is the 4th event since its foundation and that’s the best initiative for women's empowerment. Founder Daniela Costin and Managing director Lilia Kaltakchi create such an inspiring event judged by Rania Pugholm, a model with an attractive personality, Carly Thornton, a professional motivational speaker and athlete, Maria Liman upcoming actress, Tetiana Akulenko beauty queen, Tza Ra, an emerging artist, and Geets Soni, a famous makeup and hair educator in England, Adriano Dulgher an entrepreneur, Franklin Asante banker and Valentine a film producer.

Thanks to Gluteywear, Angel Forever, Tesoro Flowers, Luxx Marketing, Bophonysse and Dalya Cosmo Clinic sponsors who contribute to organizing that event. Event was hosted by the amazing Chloe Ellman Baker who is a renowned model of England.

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