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It's back! The Hoppings returns to Newcastle. Here's all you need to know.

The renowned attraction is due to return to the North East as organisers Crow events announced tonight its hotly-anticipated return.

Like many events the much-loved North East favourite was impacted as a result of the pandemic and was for a second year cancelled this year but there is good news for thrill seekers across the region.

The fair is a well-talked about topic in the North East with often those of a superstitious mind to believe its arrival often brings the rainy weather and the official start of a North East summer.

But the sunshine is on the horizon as a Facebook posted on Monday night by organisers Crow Events confirmed the event will return in 2022 and here are the dates you need to put in your diary.

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The travelling fair will land on the Town Moor on 17th June 2022 before moving on from the 25th June.

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