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And the Nova Radio North East SuperNova Award this week goes to.....

Every week we celebrate someone in the North East community who have gone over and above to do something amazing with our SuperNova Award 💫

Our SuperNova award this week goes to the wonderful Adam Wardropper from Prestwick Care

He has been working tirelessly the past few years to get the new care home at Bede House, Ryhope over the finish line in order to provide a comforting and beautiful care facility for those who need it most in our community.

Nominated by the team at Prestwick Care, you thoroughly deserve our SuperNova award this week. ☄️

Congratulations Adam! 🙌🏻

💫 If you want to nominate someone in your family, in your community or your workplace besties for a SuperNova, drop us a DM or contact us below or a chance to come on air to share your story.

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