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You will LOVE these five ways to use pumpkin leftovers

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

We're all trying to do our bit to waste less and re-use more And just because you want to do some pumpkin carving this Halloween doesn't mean you have to waste all that gunky goodness by just throwing it out as soon as it's been scooped. There are actually so many things you can do with your pumpkin carving leftovers, from making cookies to DIY-ing pumpkin spice lattes.

Here's what to do with all your pumpkin leftovers, because wasting it truly would be a horror.

1️⃣Spicy Pumpkin Soup.

We just love this recipe from North East food blogger Dragons and Fairydust

2️⃣Pumpkin spiced latte loaf cake.

Quite the mouthful and we can't wait to try this recipe from North East Eats and Kids

3️⃣Stuffed pumpkin with sage and pine nuts 🌱

This veggie and vegan friendly recipe from The Geordie Chef is enough to warm us even in the cold North East.

4️⃣Marbeled pumpkin brownies

Use your pumpkin carving waste to create these Halloween themed goodies from High Life North– perfect for a party.

5️⃣Compost it

There have been mixed reports about whether leaving pumpkin waste for wildlife is recommended or not as it can be harmful to some animals but that doesn't mean we can't dispose of leftovers safely using good food compost practices like this from Can I Compost This

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