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As featured in Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights and the massively popular Clinton Baptiste’s Paranormal Podcast

It’s CLINTON BAPTISTE and his arch psychic enemy, RAMONE TAMINE.

Communicating with the Afterlife? What could be more mind expanding?!

The public are rightly hypnotised by mere mortals with extra-sensory ability, and Britain is honoured to have spawned two of the most gifted mystics in the world - two maestros of the metaphysical, who also happen to hate each other.

Next autumn Clinton Baptiste and Ramone Tamine take to the road to play out their bitter rivalry in theatres up and down the land


Clinton is the notorious clairvoyant medium psychic who bravely tells the punters what the spirits are saying… whether the recipient is willing to hear the bald truth or not.

Ramone is a Scottish soothsayer and spirit-channeller from the Caledonian cabaret circuit. His expertise in the Dark Arts is surpassed only in the dexterity of his cutting Glaswegian bitchiness.

These coiffured titans of the Unknown - the flamboyant Clinton and his Scottish nemesis Ramone - possess otherworldly skills that have rightly attracted audiences all over the world. But despite the fact that each has a third eye they find it impossible use it to see eye to eye. Both claims to be a true mystical seer but each insists that the other one isn’t!

Now their very public spat is threatening to undermine them. Even the Parapsychological Institute of Great Britain feel that these two silly fakirs are bringing the serious subject of Mediumship into disrepute. Repeated requests to desist the slander have fallen on deaf ears and now their rivalry is about to escalate to epic proportions.

So, buckle up for a battle of charisma, verbal one up-manship and hair-raising paranormal wizardry as the two megastars meet to finally decide who holds the title of “Britain’s Greatest Paranormalist”.

Next Autumn, this rancorous badinage will propel one of them onto the canvas … .and the other into the hallowed pages of the supernatural history books!

This 40-date fight to end all fights kicks off in Darwen on September 22, taking in venues up and down the UK, incuding Middleton Arena, Newcastle Tyne Theatre, before finishing on December 4 at Shepherd’s Bush Empire

unashamedly crowdpleasing


old-fashioned comedy at its best.”


I would highly recommend grabbing a ticket. Seats are selling fast and you certainly won’t be disappointed with this great evening of comedy.”

nothing short of genius.”


Clinton Baptiste is the creation of comedy actor Alex Lowe. Originally conceived for Peter Kay's smash hit Channel 4 sitcom Phoenix Nights back in 2001 some twenty-one years after the show first aired, Clinton continues to conjure up his extraordinary powers for a new generation.

Lowe is also well known for playing 'Barry from Watford', his wondrous 82-year-old creation from Radio 2’s Steve Wright in the Afternoon and Noel Edmonds’ Channel 4 quiz Cheap Cheap Cheap. Amongst his various acting roles, he has a number of credits with Kenneth Branagh – whom he met as a child actor of 14 years of age whilst in the West End play Another Country. Later he joined Branagh’s Renaissance Theatre Company, touring with Richard Briers. He also appeared in Branagh’s film’s Peter's Friends and Much Ado About Nothing Alex played the role of Simon Marriel in the 1995 feature film Haunted, alongside Anthony Andrews, John Gielgud and Kate Beckinsale. He was part of the BBC Radio Drama Company for a year and has appeared in scores of radio plays ever since. Currently, he plays Brian in the BBC Radio comedy Clare in The Community.

Lowe revived Clinton Baptiste for an appearance in Peter Kay's Britain's Got the Pop Factor and, in 2015, for Manchester Arena's Phoenix Nights Live, which raised £6 million for Comic Relief. Prior to two acclaimed tours as Clinton, he was gigging as the character on the London circuit and also performing as Barry with his double act partner Angelos Epithemiou (BBC1’s Shooting Stars). His work with Angelos was recently nominated for Best Comedy at the British Podcast Awards. Clinton Baptiste's Paranormal Podcast also continues to sit high in the podcast charts. Recent TV appearances include Brassic and In the Long Run both for Sky One, Don't Tell the Driver for BBC2 and for film, The Devil Outside. As a writer, Alex has written for Alistair McGowan, Ronni Ancona, Paul O’Grady, Iain Lee and Lewis Macleod. In 2016 he wrote the Radio 4 comedy series Barry's Lunch Club featuring his creation, Barry.

Ramone is created and played by actor, comedian and mimic Lewis Macleod. MacLeod’s various TV appearances include the Netflix production of The Crown, ITV’s ‘Endeavour. BBC’s ‘Zapped’ and C4’s ‘Toast of London’. Feature Films include The Lost King, Minions, Sixteen Years of Alcohol, Last Days on Mars and Star Wars: Episode 1, The Phantom Menace.

Lewis is well known for voicing various award-winning commercials, video games, cinema, podcasts and television trailers. He is not only the voice of Ramone but also of many characters on BBC Radio 4’s Dead Ringers, Britbox’s Spitting Image and a number of radio plays. Postman Pat, Gumball, Mr Men and Love Monster are just a few of animated series’ he has worked on. Lewis travels extensively, hosting events and provides satirical after dinner speaking in the guise of many characters including Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, David Attenborough, Christopher Walken, Ian McKellen and many others.

The show is for ages 14+.


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