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Local Radio Day

Local Radio Day returns once again, this time marking its eighth year on 20th October 2023. Our aim remains the same - to underscore the invaluable role of local radio in our communities and celebrate the unique connection between local broadcasters and their listeners.

Local Radio Day was created by UKRD in 2015. The stewardship of the event was passed on to the Sound Vision team in 2019. Sound Vision are a charity dedicated to empowering individuals and communities through personal development, education, creativity, and communications.

In recent years, we've explored various themes to capture the spirit of local radio. In 2022, our theme was "Celebrating the Sound," where we recognised the outstanding contributions of local radio stations across the UK. The year before, in 2021, we encouraged everyone to "Love Your Place," prompting reflections on where people felt most connected - be it with family, local businesses, or within the diverse realms of radio, nature, sports, literacy, and the arts.

Local Radio Day continues to unite organisations and individuals dedicated to fostering community-powered local radio across the UK.

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