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Ghostbusters Afterlife out tomorrow but will the original cast be returning after 32 years?

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is set to hit screens across the North East tomorrow but the big question is - will the big comedy names of the 80s original be returning for the sequel.

Hugh Jackman yesterday described the reboot as 'incredible' and with rave reviews, the Jason Reitman sequel looks set to be an instant blockbuster but what do the original cast look like now and are they in Ghostbusters: Afterlife?

The Jason Reitman directed film was produced by his father, Ivan, who worked on the original cult classic film.

Hollywood superstar Paul Rudd joins Finn Wolfhard and McKenna Grace in the new release hitting cinemas across the North East tomorrow and tickets can be booked here

The famous Ghostbusters franchise burst onto the scene in 1984 as Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, Ernie Hudston and Harold Remis playing the iconic New York scientists out to fight ghosts taking over the city.

Sadly, Remis passed in 2014 but what do the remaining trio look like now and will they be returning in the sequel?

Watch: The trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife where there is a pretty big clue at the end!

]While you don't see the faces, we think this is a pretty big clue......

And if the trailer didn't give enough away Hollywood veteran and original Ghostbuster Dan Akroyd tweeted this week....

Dan Akroyd Tweeted yesterday asking "Have you missed us?"

So while we are yet to see the for certain whether the three comedy legends will return is yet to be confirmed bu, they have definitely got us itching to go and see it in cinemas tomorrow.

And if you were still wondering what the cast look like in more recent years, check out this pic from Jimmy Kemmel's Ghostbuster reunion in 2016.

Dan Akroyd, Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts and Bill Murray were reunited at the Jimmy Kemmel Ghostbusters reunion in 2016.

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