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Boy racer who led police on a high-speed pursuit with a seven-year-old passenger in the car jailed

A boy racer who led police on a high-speed pursuit with a seven-year-old passenger in the car has been jailed.

Despite already being banned from the roads, Jordan Fawcett offered his partner and her little girl a lift in his Citroen Xsara Picasso back in September 2019.

While driving on Ponteland Road, Fawcett was clocked by officers from Northumbria Police’s Motor Patrols team, who followed him to carry out a routine check.

Despite hearing the sirens and seeing the car’s blue lights, speedy Fawcett fled into the Cowgate estate and onto Greenhill View, travelling almost three-times the area’s 20mph limit.

While on Moorview Crescent, the 27-year-old came to an abrupt stop where officers saw smoke coming from the tyres.

Inside the car, Fawcett’s passenger screamed at him, begging to be let out. But the menace ignored her pleas once again driving off at speed, travelling down Ashbrooke Street, onto Burnfoot Way, where he alighted the car and made off on foot, leaving police officers to console his traumatised passenger and her daughter.

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After a thorough investigation by Motor Patrols officers, Fawcett was later confirmed as the driver, and brought in for interview. He was later charged with a string of motoring offences.

But, Fawcett’s arrogance continued after he failed to initially appear at court. However, on October 22, Fawcett of Montpelier Place, Newcastle was jailed for 120 weeks, after pleading guilty to careless driving, driving while disqualified, using false registration plates, no insurance and speeding at Newcastle Crown Court.

Speaking after the sentencing Inspector Pinner Rana from Northumbria Police said: “Fawcett behaved in a completely irresponsible and reckless manner. Not only did he fail to tell his passenger that he was disqualified from driving and had no insurance, but he also allowed let her believe her child would be safe in his car, before leading them on a pursuit through a residential area.

“This was an incredibly dangerous thing to do in a built up area, and I am thankful no one sustained any serious injuries as a result of this pursuit.

“I am pleased Fawcett has been jailed for his actions, and I hope it goes to show that we will not tolerate careless behaviour on our roads.”

Fawcett was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £156 and disqualified from driving for a further 120 weeks.

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