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50 years of Fenwick Christmas Window: How many of these do you remember?

It's one of the biggest celebrations of the year here in the North East - the highly anticipated launch of the Fenwick Christmas Window. And on Tuesday the locally made retailer didn't disappoint with its Shaun the Sheep themed window.

But as it celebrates its 50th anniversary, how many of these Fenwick window spectaculars can you remember?

For generations of Geordies, a trip into town to see Fenwick Window is an essential part of the festive season.

Fenwick's Christmas Window themes from 1971 onwards

1971 - Camberwick Green

1972 - Chigley

1973 - Rupert Meets Santa

1974 - Sooty’s Circus

1975 - Aladdin

1976 - Fairytale Christmas with Cinderella

1977 - Treasure Island

1978 - Storybook Christmas

1979 - Wonderful world of Pantomime

1980 - A Christmas Carol

1981 - Alice in Wonderland

1982 - Arabian Nights

1983 - Fly to Fenwick’s for Christmas (based on a space theme)

1984 - Gulliver (featuring a giant Gulliver whose body filled the whole shop front)

1985 - Fairytale Christmas with Pinocchio

1986 - Christmas Circus

1987 - Magical Winter Wonderland (with various creatures skating and skiing)

1988 - Purrfect for Christmas (peopled by cats and dogs)

1989 - Jungle Fantasy

1990 - Good Old Santa (with elves preparing for Christmas)

1991 - It’s A White Christmas (remember Jack Frost, Snowman, talking tree and Santa)

1992 - Santa’s Christmas Party (featuring panto and nursery rhyme characters)

1993 - Alice in Wonderland

1994 - Christmas Village

1995 - Santa’s New Store

1996 - Fairytale Christmas (with Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty)

1997 - Santa’s Christmas Pantomime

1998 - A Christmas Carol

1999 - Peter Pan

2000 - Christmas in Poodletown

2001 - Santa’s Journey (co-starring Englebert the Polar Bear as Santa's helper)

2002 - Christmas in Another World (The Aliens certainly split opinions!)

2003 - Santa’s Workshop

2004 - The Christmas Story (Nativity)

2005 - The Snowman (the popular Raymond Briggs story)

2006 - Gulliver ( a return for the popular character)

2007 - Winter Wonderland

2008 - Oliver Twist (with a soundtrack featuring songs from the musical)

2009 - The Christmas Story (Nativity)

2010 - The Night Before Christmas (Toymaker Express)

2011 - 40 Years of the Fenwick Christmas Window

2012 - The Reindeer Express

2013 - The Fairy Tale Forest

2014 - Alice in Wonderland

2015 - Once Upon a Christmas

2016 - The Magic of Beatrix Potter

2017 - Paddington Bear

2018 - We're Walking in the Air: The Snowman

2019 - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

2020 - The Wind in the Willows

WATCH: Shaun the Sheep themed window as Fenwick unveil this year’s Christmas theme

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